Testimonium Latinum is a kind of a keepsake that was designed unexpectedly and almost accidently: the idea of a present formed like a diploma in Latin emerged out of sheer necessity: it was Sunday and there was nothing else to buy. As luck would have it, not only did the person to whom it was intended like it, but also many others did.
An idle chat over a coffee (ok, maybe a beer :)) between two enthusiasts was more than enough for the Testimonium Latinum project to be launched: entirely new and unseen on the market - a unique Croatian souvenir consisting of a Latin diploma and an ancient map reproduction – and also a diploma as a single gift.

Either as a souvenir or a personal or business present Testimonium Latinum is exceptional in both its contents and appearance.

A Diploma is drafted in Latin: of course, a translation is enclosed to the copyright text; its form and discourse replicate a real diploma - it’s printed on a 175 gsm paper (parchment paper sheet), written in Roman uncial script with a wax seal. The name of a diploma holder is written later on.

An antique map reproduction makes the souvenir complete: all maps have been digitally restored, redesigned (just refreshed a bit, we haven’t rearranged continents), printed on a waxed parchment paper (B3 size) displaying some of Croatian cities or a whole region.
Just like an ancient scroll, the diploma, map and translation are rolled up, wrapped in a sturdy paper and tied with a leather strap.

Even though we became delighted with the idea instantly we pride ourselves enormously on being recognized by more than sixty shops throughout Croatia: souvenir and gift shops, museums, hotels as well as one of Croatian biggest publishers.
We express our warmest thanks for this; however, we’re not resting on laurels but working hard and flirting with new ideas.


The name of Testimonium Latinum doesn’t veil Cicero and Ceasar, but, let us revive the Latin spirit, two Croats from Illyricum: Tomislav Jeličić and Maja Repušić. Both of them share strong affection to creativity and antiquity.

Tomislav has cleared and paved the “souvenir way” a long time ago by producing valuable ancient maps: hours spent in researching, studying and choosing, then in time-consuming digital restoring and waxing maps so that they take on a natural looking patina have ensured him a more than favourable position on the market.

Maja joins Tomislav on this project: a burning desire to demystify Latin and bring it back to life shortly at least in a souvenir or a gift (besides in boring textbooks) made this Latinist draft funny texts written in serious Latin. And to translate them into a language understandable to all, of course.


The Testimonium Latinum souvenir is our original creation in which we take greatest pride. It’s a copyright product, recognized and available in more than sixty shops in Croatia. It contains an ancient map reproduction and a diploma.

The map is digitally restored in high resolution and visually different from the original: we’ve just refreshed it a little. It’s every bit as attractive as informative.

The diploma i.e. Testimonium is “issued” by a city as a certificate testifying that visitors (a space is left blank for their names) “mastered” city’s sights but also enjoyed local food, drinks and their vacation. Its appearance is authentic and decorative and its text is funny and amusing.

A translation into six world languages (English, German, Italian, French, Russian and Croatian) is enclosed.

Just like an ancient scroll, the diploma, map and translation are rolled up, wrapped in a sturdy paper and tied with a leather strap.


Testimonium Latinum makes an outstanding business gift as well: its contents are the same as in the souvenir – an ancient map reproduction of your own choice (we know it won’t be easy) and a diploma whose text follows its aim: it praises and testifies an excellent business deal, jointly achieved success or “just” a brilliant business result. The text is written in a way that requires no individual approach (however, your instructions and guidelines are more than welcome) and as any other copyright text we write, it’s both funny and educational.

Just like an ancient scroll, the diploma, map and translation are rolled up, wrapped in a sturdy paper and tied with a leather strap.


Testimonium Latinum as a personal diploma is designed as a gift to a dear friend saying thank you for him or her being there for you, because you know it was a tough going for them as well; to your significant other – by awarding them a diploma you testify that on this very date and not on the anniversary you actually forgot, he or she is the most important person to you; and, why not? – to yourself so you can finally admire your new astonishing figure after you lost those lousy twenty pounds.

You got it: whatever you find important and you want to certify it in black and white – it can be eternalised in writing.

What makes this diploma different from other ready-made diplomas?
This diploma is different as its text is a copyright text in Latin (with a translation, of course) written under your instructions. The only thing that’s missing is your signature and the name of a diploma holder you enter later on.
The text is funny: and even more so, as a well-known Latin proverb is not quoted in its original form but paraphrased. The diploma is also illuminating: apart from the translation there are also explanations of certain expressions, idioms, the original proverb and its author.

Just like an ancient scroll, the diploma, translation and explanations are rolled up, wrapped in a sturdy paper and tied with a strap.


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